Golf “Off-Season”
This post is related to our golf course clients and perspective clients but the same principals apply to any business that is seasonally driven.

Make Next Year Awesome
Most golf courses have staff that they employ year round even if the golf course is not open. This ensures that you have the experienced staff that you need come opening day or the busy season. Winter is a great time for business planning, marketing, and sales activities. So what marketing and sales activities are most important for your staff be doing right now?

1. 2012 Tournament and Event sales

You should have already made contact with every group that played at your golf course in 2011 and offered them this years rates to book and pay a deposit before December 31st. If you have not already done this, get on it NOW. You should also have already confirmed your rates for 2012 and your sales person (golf professional, marketing person, general manager) should now be working on your 2012 “Tournament Package” to send out to past and prospective groups. We recommend sending your packages to any group that has played at your facility in the last 3 years, to everyone in your non-tournament database (as you never know when someone might want a golf event) as well as building a ‘cold-call’ database. Your message will be slightly different to each group but the more you send out the more you’ll get back in.

2. Building your Followers

Winter is when you should be growing your email database and your social media following. You should be running a contest on your website for ‘new registrants’ only to win some type of package for 2012. This could be a driving range pass, a membership or green fee passes, etc but must be something big enough to create a buzz. This is also the time that your staff should be listening to all of your social media channels intently. They should be following all conversations related to golf, your city and region, sports in general and probably hockey. We all know that most golfers also talk about hockey a lot. Follow the conversations, join in, find new people to follow and gain followers.

3. Update your online presence

Step two is only relevant if your website is up to date and functional and you have a social media presence. Your website should be self-editable, easy to navigate, contain links to your other platforms and have at least one way of building your database. Your social platforms should match your brand in some way. You may consider a custom Facebook landing page specifically branded to your golf course. If you do not have any social media platforms now is the time to build them. You can work on gaining followers throughout the winter months so that in the spring you have a loyal following who are ready to listen to what you have to say.

If you have any questions about your website, social media platforms or business planning please feel free to contact us at any time for a no charge consultation or just to chat about the golf industry or social media.