2020… A Year Like No Other
What a year! We hope you are enjoying the holiday season and staying in your ‘bubbles. Who knew at the beginning of the year that this reference to bubbles would be a thing!

If you are in the golf business, you definitely deserve a rest and some time away. I’m going to say it again… what a year!! While it was crazy (busy), it can be argued that it was a great season for the golf industry with most Provinces and Regions reporting numbers of rounds of golf that we haven’t seen since the late 90’s. Hopefully the golf industry continues to do an exceptional job keeping golfers and staff safe so that golf remains the top outdoor activity for many years to come!!

A Look Back…
As it is the end of 2020 and as we usually do we thought we would recap our most read blogs of the year. Thanks to all of you who read or watched some or all of them and we wish you a Happy New Year and cheers from all of us at CK Golf… here is our top 10:

  1. CK Golf Conversations – our blog page where we posted the 11 video Zoom chats we did through the year. Thank you to the great guests we had through the year!!
  2. CK Golf Conversations #2 – The most watched video Zoom chat in 2020.
  3. CK Golf Conversations #1 – Number 1 was number 2 of the most watched Zoom chats of the year.
  4. Marketing Messages During COVID-19 – Our first non-video blog comes in at number 4.
  5. 2020 And Still No Home – Although not a Biz Blog this one was January 1, 2020 and our homelessness still continues, so we decided to included it.
  6. CK Golf Conversation #5 – More Zoom chats… video might be catching on for marketing 🙂
  7. CK Golf Conversations #3 – The last of the Zoom chats to make the top 10.
  8. Preparing for the 2021 Golf Season – The most recent blog we wrote that already cracked the top 10 of 2020.
  9. Statically Dynamic Pricing – This one is from 2019 but still made the top 10 of 2020.
  10. Ladies Tees Are Not Ladies Tees – This one sparked some great feedback on social media.

Bonus: Our number 11 of most read blogs of 2020 was actually written in 2016… Why You Need A Fresh Sheet For Your Restaurant!

Thanks for reading and watching… Happy Holidays!!

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