How Many Junior Golf Tours Are Too Many? 
In British Columbia there are a handful or more Junior Golf Tours that aspiring juniors can play in. The number around the World is actually staggering when you do a quick Google search for images! But how many is too many? When I was a junior golfer (many years ago) I wanted more competition. Often waiting for the few ‘junior opens’ that were available to play in addition to the Provincial Junior Championship. I wanted more!

Are Junior Golf Tours Growing the Game?
Junior Golf Tours have been popping up more and more frequently in the past five to ten years. Most all of them use some form of the brand “growing the game of golf”. But are they really? In speaking with a high ranking amateur golf executive a couple of months ago about this topic, they commented (para-phrased), “Junior Golf Tours are not growing the game anymore because the kids are picking the best courses, dates and competition. They jump from tour to tour based on that criteria, but there are no more kids taking up golf because of the number of junior tours.”

Growing the Game of Golf 
We’re all in favour of growing the game of golf through junior participation. Actually as I write this blog we had just finished touring a golf course we manage on a Sunday afternoon. It was ‘Kids Play Free’ after 12:00. More than 50% of the groups on the course had one or more juniors (young, new to golf players). It was fantastic to see!

Junior Golf Tours are still a good thing but your golf club needs to think of a different way to actually grow the game of golf! What about growing the game through Women’s participation? In part two of this blog we’ll explore Why Women Are the Key to growing the game of golf.

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