Evaluating Applicants
CK Golf was recently engaged by two semi-private golf clubs and one privately owned club to assist in Senior Management searches to fill voided positions. You may have received the emails from us. One was for a General Manager (overseeing all operations) and two for a Head Golf Professional (overseeing all golf operations).

Our role at CK Golf was to collect the resumes and rate the candidates for shortlisting to the hiring committee based on the resume (CV) provided. It is not a task we take lightly, but evaluate each candidate based on our requests for the positions.

What We Learned
So here is our list of helpful tips if you are applying for a new position or looking for a career change. Our 5 Do’s and Don’ts based on our recent experience:

  • Do follow instructions. In the job posting if it says “please submit one document as a pdf” don’t submit multiple documents in Word, Pages or other. Don’t send a web link to your website.
  • Do include your references. You may have some good ones and they might move your application up a level. References will help you. Don’t say “references available on request”.
  • Do send your resume sooner than later. Even though the posting may not close for another two weeks we begin evaluating candidates as soon as the resume arrives. Don’t wait until 7pm the night applications have closed, we may have found 5 great candidates and may take latecomers lightly.
  • Do check your spelling. Yes this matters. Don’t use different fonts throughout the resume, this is just annoying.
  • Do have your own email address. Yes this matters too. Don’t use your spouses’s Hotmail address with their name to send your resume.

Bonus: If you have more than a year gap in your resume, explain why in your cover letter.

If you need help in hiring for a Management position, give us a call at 604-506-2226 anytime.

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