Apple Juice Shots
The first image on this blog does not explain what it is about, which is shots of course, but of the Apple Juice kind, that kids would enjoy!

Customer Engagement 
I was recently sitting a bar enjoying a pint at the end of work day when three kids came in from the patio. They were there with with their parents and immediately saddled up at the bar.

The bartender was awesome. He immediately engaged the kids with fun and light dialogue. Finally offering to do a round of “apple juice shots” with them. The look and expression on kids faces was priceless. He made their day! The Dad even came into film the shots (presumably to post on social media).

Customer Service
Do your core values and service standards allow for customer engagement? If not you should think about your team and allowing them to be “real people”. On this day, the bartender rocked these kids world and to see their expressions were priceless. I’m sure they won’t forget the interaction they had.

Allow your people to show their personality, you can train the skill, but the personality cannot be taught.


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