Rogers Communications
My iPhone 6, which I loved, was beginning to show it’s age. Primarily the battery life, the phone itself was working fine. I (Jeff) decided it was time to upgrade. I’ve always bought every one of my iPhone’s unlocked from the Apple store. This was more my habit than anything else.

But things have begun to change, especially with the new telecommunications rules, that made me consider breaking this habit. No more three year contracts (we all know we don’t keep our phones that long). No more locked phones from communications companies (no need to change out the SIM card when in another country) and more competitive pricing on the devices.

I walked into a Rogers store in Vancouver and made some inquires. I have been a long-term Rogers customer (14 or 15 years I think). My monthly cell phone bill is $180 to $220 per month (depending if we are travelling and I am using ‘Roam at Home’ in another country). After changing my plan (that was no longer offered) – $6/month more, trading in my iPhone 6 and adding Apple Care (which I didn’t know you could add from a none Apple store) I got my new iPhone X for free! Yup for FREE. Well, sort of with the new plan and Apple Care I am about $16 a month more. Loyalty pays its dividends, although I am scared to figured out what I spent on Apple and Rogers over the past 15 years to get the iPhone X for free (again sort of).

Apple iPhone X Review
I love the new Apple iPhone X. One of the cool features is the lack of a home (or centre button). Everything about it is intuitive. Tara has had trouble with it and after a few weeks I have had trouble using her iPhone 8. All in all it is a great phone/ device. My favourite features of the iPhone X are:

  1. The tap screen and facial recognition. Tap the phone and when it recognizes you (less than 1 second) the phone opens for use. If you are not the user after about 5 seconds the phone asks for your passcode. Tara guessed mine on the first try!
  2. The full screen. Without the ‘home’ button the screen is larger than pervious iPhones. A great feature, particularly when viewing video.
  3.  When you swipe down from the “right ear” (the area to the right of the notch) at the top of the iPhone X, it will show the Control Center. It has a couple of cool elements including a flashlight.

Bonus: The camera on iPhone X is awesome!

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