Great Marketing Ideas
We like good marketing, sales, technology and PR ideas. We have written other blogs about ideas that we thought were worth sharing (see Rubbers blog). Lots of ideas are not new but are still good interpretations of someone else’s idea. But Callaway has come up with an idea that may be truly unique. If not, it is still a great use of a golf celebrity (a really likeable one) and cold hard CASH$ to raise some interest about their product.

The Big Bertha Payday
Callaway’s Big Bertha Payday runs from May 22nd to June 15th – the final day of the U.S. Open Championship and offers anyone who visits a participating retailer and demos a Big Bertha a chance to win. Win what? Whatever Phil Mickelson wins at the U.S. Open (up to $1.5 million). No matter where Phil finishes, someone will win his paycheck.

Good for Golf
This idea is great to get people out to try Big Bertha clubs, but it is also good for golf. It is a fun contest that anyone can relate to. There will be people out at golf retail locations that may never play golf just to swing a club and enter to win. The video from Phil on the website is short with a few jokes (we like the one about putting pressure on him) and the images used (like this one) take any sense of ‘stuffiness’ out of the game of golf.

There will be a buzz created around the U.S. Open that will drive viewers to watch longer to see how Phil is doing. Their may be viewers that have never watched golf on TV before. We do not know if there is a partnership between Callaway and the PGA Tour or the TV networks for this promotion but if not there should be.

Visit the contest page on the Callaway website.

View the list of participating retailers. (Scroll to the bottom for Canada).

Follow the hashtag #berthapayday on Twitter and Instagram.


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