What is a QR code?
We have seen them on bus shelters and billboards, magazines and even some books but do your still wonder what the purpose of those square two dimensional bar codes actually is? A QR code (Quick Response code) is a square barcode image that links to a specified URL (web page). QR codes are a quick and easy way to get people to a web page that you want them to see. When the QR code image is scanned it opens a web page that you have set into the code. This web page should be enhanced for mobile viewing or it has missed the point.

QR Codes gone bad
While QR codes seem like a great innovation in technology from a marketing and an information stand point they do not always live up to their potential because of how they are used. Have you seen QR codes on a website? Am I supposed to pull out my phone while I am using my computer so I can scan the code to be taken to a page on a website that I am already on? What about QR codes on billboards? Who, in their car at 60km/h, is going to pull out their phone and scan your QR code on a billboard? No one! It’s dangerous and illegal.

Rio de Janeiro rocks the QR Code
There was a story in the Vancouver Sun on January 25th about how the City of Rio de Janeiro is using QR Codes for tourism, and it is brilliant! The city, that receives about 2 million foreign tourists a year, has built QR Codes into the sidewalks with the same black and white stones that decorate sidewalks around town. The codes take the user to a website that gives them information in Portuguese, Spanish or English, a map of the area, and information about the tourist attraction they are close to. The city plans to install 30 QR codes at beaches, vistas, and historic sites. They do not detract from the local scenery but provide valuable information. Now this is a use of QR codes that makes sense!

Read the full Vancouver Sun story here.

If you have seen any great uses of QR Codes let us know and we will post them here.

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