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Gallus Golf Mobile App

CK Golf has been working with Gallus Golf for 9+ years. Gallus Golf is a leader in the mobile app industry and provides a golf specific mobile friendly marketing that will grow your revenue!
  • Connect & Engage with your customers
  • Send push messages
  • Develop a cost effective Loyalty Program
  • Use In-app gift cards
  • Offer specials to your loyal customers through Offer Locker
  • Create pop-up messages¬†
  • Let your customers receive push notifications for open tee times
  • Generate Revenue

Do you want a mobile app that generates revenue?

A mobile app that generates revenue must have the ability to send push messages, provides pop-up messaging, creates offers and increases loyalty. The Gallus App does all that and more!

Book More Tee Times Online

The streamlined, fast and easy to use online tee time booking portal will make your golfers never want to book any other way. Your staff will save time and your customers will be happy. Loyalty Programs, GPS, Food & Beverage menus, in App messages, score cards, stats tracking, leader boards and social sharing are just some of the other features that will make a mobile friendly option attractive to your customers.

Drive Results with the CK Golf/ Gallus App Package

With our CK Golf/ Gallus App Package, You Will Get:

Our mobile app package includes set up plus one full year use of the Gallus Golf app, with set up assistance, staff training, scheduling of push notifications, use of offer locker, loyalty programs and more!

  • Strategy Planning Sessions
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Mobile App Management
  • Initial call to determine App set up requirements and advertising plan
  • Pre-planned push notifications for 3 months and assistance with last minute offers
  • Email updates on best practices for using the App
  • Monthly download of email addresses from registered users (to add to courses databases)
  • 30-day calls to review marketing initiatives
  • Monthly email marketing¬†initiatives with Key Performance Indicators

 It only works if you use it.

CK Golf Can Help!

As terrific as the design of the Gallus App is, you will only be successful if you use it. And that means diligently. Our experiences over the last 14+ years, with operators using various forms of technology, have made it clear that technology only works if you use it. Any new platform, widget, tool or application can only be as successful as the work put into it.

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