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Build a Foundation

Before you can generate sales from your internet marketing efforts you need to have a solid foundation. This foundation starts with your website. CK Golf will help you create a website that leads to sales.
  • Website Content Review – What is missing?
  • Website Rebuild – Is it time for something new?
  • Website Lead Generation –Are you turning new website visitors into leads?

Need help improving your website?

Email Marketing and Social Media

Once your website is solid then all of your communication and engagement tools should lead your customers directly to it.
  • Email Marketing Review – Does the software you use meet your needs?
  • Social Platform Review – Are you keeping up with the Joneses?
  • Email and Social Content – Are you accountable to a pre-planned calendar designed to generate results?
  • Email and Social Metrics – Are you tracking how well specific types of content perform on different platforms? At different times?

Do you want to improve your Internet Marketing?

Lead Generation

What do you do with the leads that your website, tee sheet, reservation book, emails, social posts, mobile app or staff are generating? The key to turning leads into sales is tracking and accountability.
  • Lead Generation – Tracking the leads that your platforms are providing
  • Lead Content Plan – How to ask for business
  • Lead Accountability – If you don’t do the work, they will not come

Do you want to generate more leads?


We are all in sales. Every person on your team affects the sales process in some way.
  • Sales Basic Training – We are not selling used cars
  • In Person Sales – Converting phone calls into appointments
  • Sales Speak – How to have high impact conversations
  • Closing the Sale  – Tips and sequences that will improve your closing ratio

Are you ready to improve your sales?

Are you looking to improve your use of social media to generate revenue and engage your customers? We would love to help you out. Get a copy of Facebook For Your Business: A Quick Guide today. 


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