Coaching Sessions with Jeff Ciecko | CK Golf Coaching Sessions with Jeff Ciecko | CK Golf

Coaching Program

New to a management role or need an experienced manager to talk to to expand your toolbox? Jeff Ciecko has over 20 years experience managing golf courses and teams of people in all departments of golf operations. As your level of responsibility increases so must your leadership. This includes how you handle your people as well as how you manage the business’ financial performance.

What you can expect:

  • Four 1 hour phone calls over a 4 to 6 week period
  • One 1 hour phone call after three months to follow-up on your successes and challengesTopics included:
  • Get-started homework
  • Understanding and reading financial statements
  •  Effective strategies for managing golf course maintenance practices
  • Effective strategies for managing food and beverage operations
  • Evaluating your team from 30,000 feet and motivating them to succeed
  • Recruiting and building a better team

Sales Training

Half day and full day training sessions are available to get your staff on the right track

  • Sales Basic Training – We are not selling used cars
  • In Person Sales – Converting phone calls into appointments
  • Sales Speak – How to have high impact conversations
  • Closing the Sale – Tips and sequences that will improve your closing ratio

We are all in sales.

Public Speaker Sessions

Jeff Ciecko provides entertaining and dynamic speaker sessions on various topics including sales, internet marketing and social media. The goal of each session regardless of the theme is to give you insights and ideas for generating more revenue that are easily and immediately actionable. Speaker sessions can be 45 to 90 minute large group seminars or round table discussions.


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