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5-Day On-Site Visit Sample Itinerary

Day One 

  • Visits to the surrounding area (competitors, hotels/resorts and community)
  • Silent Shop of neighbouring competition facilities (may include range use, lunch, golf etc depending on time of year)
  • Silent Shop of your facility before meeting team (may include range use, lunch, golf etc depending on time of year)

Day Two

  • Meet the Team
  • Tour of entire facility (including back end operations) with General Manager or designate 
  • Management Team meeting
    • Presentation of Financial and Organizational Review Report
    • Preliminary discussion of goals and objectives

Day Three

  • Full golf course tour with Superintendent, GM and/or designate or Board representative
    • Discussion of golf course maintenance goals and strategies
    • Review of maintenance practices, grounds expenses and labour usage
  • Food & Beverage discussions
    • Menu costing, revenue to labour, supplier agreements

Day Four

  • Marketing Discussions
    • Discuss updating current marketing materials 
    • Review electronic platforms – website, social media 
    • Launch or update social media strategy and provide social media training
    • Sales Training (All Departments)
      • Review current sales objectives, sales sheets, sales scripts and lead generation techniques and provide recommendations
      • Sales training focused on executing an out-bound sales strategy

Day Five

    • Management Team Meeting
    • Discuss long term goals and objectives (3 years) with management team
    • Short term goal setting by department (3 month, 6 month, 1 year)
    • Wrap up meeting with General Manager, Board or designate

The Golf Facility will be required to provide:

    • Access to a meeting room for all days on-site full
    • Assistance in scheduling meetings
    • Availability of General Manager and other key employees and stakeholders during onsite days

On site visit schedules can be reduced or expanded to suit a facilities needs and budget. This may include the removal of some areas of the business if one or more areas of the operation is leased out, or it may also include working with the leased operations as well as with the golf course’s own staff. 

CK Golf has conducted site visits at various types of golf facilities – public, private, resort, 9 hole and multi-course. Having all team members focus on the operation for a short-but intensive amount of time has proven to be very effective. One of the keys to success has been accountability and the follow-up that we provide to help keep the Management Team on track with their goals after the visit. 

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